How do I show my customers their product?

Lampenschirm 3D

shape. look. buy.

With many personalized products, the end user only has a vague idea of what the final product will look like. With the integrated 3D preview, our ca|smartEDITOR provides a remedy. This enables the customer to view the final product from all angles before purchasing it. By using our award winning app for tablets or smartphones, the product can be visualized on site, directly in your living room, for example. This enables you to get rid of any doubts your customers might have.

Increase your sales conversion rates by using cutting-edge 3D technology and the ca|smartEDITOR.



Practical application of 3D with the ca|watchAPP

try. marvel. delight.

The award-winning ca|watchAPP provides technological progress, attention, enthusiasm and ultimately more revenue. Show your customers the products at their later operation site, before they’re being produced. The operation is fairly simple:

  1. Start the ca|watchAPP on your tablet.
  2. Enter the four-digit code of the designed product.
  3. Place the product in the desired environment.

Experience the enthusiasm of your customers and gain their trust through a detailed preview of the later product.
Create trust with the help of technological progress.