Total automation. Simplify the handling of your print and ordering processes considerably!


Take advantage of one of the most economical web-to-print solutions. Proven hundreds of times in practice!


A unique modular system that grows with your needs and the customer’s requirements!


A universal web-to-print solution for all your ideas!

The Shop System

The Shop System

We offer a complete and technologically advanced web-to-print solution!

The ca ¦ smartSHOP is an innovative online shop system for the complete processing of your print and internet orders. This provides you with the opportunity to offer and sell your products and printing services online.

The ca ¦ smartSHOP provides beginners as well as experienced online service providers with a powerful tool.


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     The Online Editor

The Online Editor

Our design tool for print products and all your ideas.

Behind the product name ca ¦ smartEDITOR is a comprehensive design tool for print products. The pioneering HTML5 technology enables the implementation and use of various editing functions directly in the browser. The ca ¦ smartEDITOR of the Color Alliance can be used for various print products.

You decide which editors are used in your shop. Thanks to the modular principle, additional editors can be booked at any time.


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Thomas Schurzfeld

Thomas Schurzfeld

Renowned IT specialist and printing technician for 35 years.


 80 years of printing experience

Rainer Esters

Rainer Esters

Solution Finder for the international printing industry for 45 years.


With the innovative web2print solution from Color Alliance, we were able to reach new customers for our large format prints very quickly with our photo print shop. Druckerei Häuser KG
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For our innovative ideas, we ultimately needed an innovative partner. That’s exactly what we found in Color Alliance. Klingler


The technological superiority of this web-to-print solution was the deciding factor for us. Billmann
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