FAQ Color Alliance


Who is Color Alliance?

Color Alliance GmbH (CA), based in Schloß Holte - Stukenbrock, Germany, focuses on the development and distribution of web-to-print software. We offer solutions for individual online shops for printing companies of all sizes.


Why Color Alliance?

The specialists in our team have practical experience in the areas of color management, web design, digital large format printing and offset printing. We use this experience to develop shops that are relevant to you.

Our team takes personally care of your orders. You are not talking to a call center, but to real employees. The direct connection to you is very important to us in order to be able to react quickly to your individual needs and acute tasks. We accompany you from the conception of your eBusiness, over the design adjustment, up to the live connection of the shop. We attach great importance to detailed training for every customer so that you are well equipped for the future.


What means web-to-print?

Web-to-print is a general term for offering and selling printing services over the Internet. It describes the path from the customer's idea via the Internet to your printing machine. The customer can use your printers from home without much effort.


Why web-to-print?

Digital change makes it necessary to automate and digitize production processes. The availability and ability to change is becoming a decisive success factor.


What is a web-to-print solution?

The web-to-print solutions of Color Alliance offer you the opportunity to supply and sell customizable print products via the Internet.


What is web-to-print software?

Color Alliance offers you software that allows you to supply and sell printing services over the Internet.


What are the advantages of web-to-print?

Web-to-print offers many advantages. For example, you can be reached 24/7 by your customers and thus independent of time zones and persons. In this way, you can also open up new customer groups. In addition, the automated processes result in enormous time savings.


How can I inspire customers with web-to-print?

With the help of web-to-print, your customers can reach you 24 hours a day. In addition, you make communication easier for your customers and offer them the opportunity to live out their creativity. Without installing additional software, they can design and visualize the desired product – via the ca ¦ watchAPP even in the desired environment.


What means web2pack?

web2pack is an exciting combination of web-to-print, digital packaging printing and individualization.

We offer you an innovative online shop system for the complete processing of your orders. The focus is on the communication of variable graphic contents and of customizable sizes and shapes for the packaging industry.


What is Container Print?

Container print is the printing of 3-dimensional bodies (containers), such as bottles, glasses and cans.


What is Advertising Technique?

The creative implementation of advertising on products such as flags, signs, canvases, etc. is called advertising technology.


What does Textile Printing mean?

Printing processes used to print textiles are called textile printing.


What means Label Print?

Label print is generally understood as the printing of labels and stickers.


What does Interior Design mean?

The term interior design refers to the design and planning of interiors.


What is a smartShop?

The ca ¦ smartShop is a shop solution specially developed for the printing industry. Everything that you as a web-to-print provider have to have individually developed for the usual solutions is already included in the ca ¦ smartSHOP. We know what is important for printing and have prepared our software accordingly.


What is the smartEditor?

The ca ¦ smartEDITOR is a comprehensive design tool for print products. The HTML5 technology makes it possible to perform various editing functions directly in the browser.

With the ca ¦ smartEDITOR, web-to-print editors can be used for a variety of print products: Besides the usual products from the field of advertising technology and typical photo products, our design tool is also used for glass cutting or packaging.


Where can I use the smartEditor?

Thanks to its responsive design, the ca ¦ smartEditor can be used on the desktop, tablets and even smartphones. Our shops adapt to your environment!


For which products is the editor available?

The Color Alliance editor can be used for all imaginable print products. There are already successful shops with integrated smartEditor in the areas of packaging printing, advertising technology, container print, label print, interior design and textile printing.


Can I create my own templates?

Yes, own templates can be created and made available to customers. Both free and fixed areas can be defined.


Can completed data be used/uploaded?

Yes, it is not only possible to create print data in ca ¦ smartEditor. An upload of completed print data is also possible.


What are templates?

Design templates can be filled with individual content at predefined points, while other areas can be created permanently, i.e. unchangeably.


What are multi-shops?

Color Alliance´s web-to-print solution is highly scalable and adapts to your company size. Grow your business with the multi-shop module, for example, by offering individual storefronts to different target groups. This way, all your customers feel comfortable and you still have the complete overview in the backend.


Is there a 3D preview?

Yes, the integrated 3D preview software from Color Alliance allows the customer to view the designed product from all angles before the purchase.


What is the watchApp?

With the award-winning ca ¦ watchAPP your customers can view the products with the help of augmented reality at the later place of use, even before they are produced.


How does the watchApp work?

A code is generated after the product has been designed. By entering the code in the app, the product is displayed in the desired environment.


What is a Content Management System?

A Content Management System (CMS) is a web-based software for creating websites. Content can be created, maintained and changed without programming knowledge.


What is responsive design?

Internet pages and shops created in a responsive design adapt flexibly in size to the browser window. This ensures that they are always displayed optimally on smartphones, tablets and desktops.