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Hosting is the accommodation for your online shop. Our hosting partner Hoehne AG offers you a first class server system that is optimized specifically for our CA Web2Print Shop software.

As an internet service provider Hoehne AG provides the server for your shop and can also conduct the registration of your domain. The CA Web2Print Shop software is pre-installed on your rental server and together with Hoehne AG we ensure the proper configuration and perfect performance of your software.



About Hoehne AG


Hoehne AG

Hoehne AG - Stock Corporation - is a medium-sized family business which is owned and directed exclusively by the Hoehne Family.

The company has more than 20 years of experience in the areas of “internet services and electronic media”. Already in 1996 Hoehne specialized in business relevant internet solutions. Domain name registration, web hosting and server housing are only a few topics of its core business.