The complete Color Alliance solution

The complete Color Alliance solution

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Experience how easy it is to make money with the complete solution ca ¦ smartSHOP. ca ¦ smartSHOP has been developed on the basis of Joomla by experienced developers from the printing industry. Everything you have to develop individually as a web-to-print provider when employing the usual shop solutions, is already included in the ca ¦ smartSHOP. We know what really matters when it comes to printing and have prepared our software accordingly.
ca ¦ smartSHOP also holds up well in comparison to other shop solutions when it comes to marketing and shopping. Rely on the standard solution of Color Alliance or have it extended individually.


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The solution for B2B: ca ¦ smartSHOP upload

The solution for B2B: ca|smartSHOP upload

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You are planning an e-commerce project which is primarily aimed at professionals? No problem. Since ca ¦ smartSHOP has a modular structure, you can purchase parts of the complete solution. Use ca¦smartSHOP as a printing portal for agencies and graphic designers to process print jobs efficiently and quickly.
Take advantage of the extensive calculation methods to have customized products calculated automatically. Modules like proposal preparation and the communication of precise production times are also available in the ca ¦ smartSHOP.
Book additional modules for automation or marketing campaigns at a later time. ca ¦ smartSHOP adapts to your individual needs.


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