smartEditor for canvas


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smartEditor for canvas

Bald walls lend the room little ambience. Nowadays, everyone wants to make their home attractive and as individual as possible. However, finding the right mural is not always easy. So why not design the desired motives yourself and have it printed on a canvas? Through individual design and printing, everyone can become an artist and design the popular wall decorations according to their preferences. There are no limits to creativity when designing a canvas.
Another advantage: In contrast to wood or metal, for example, the canvas scores points with low weight and flexibility.









Functions smartEditor


Functions smartEditor for canvas

The smartEditor Canvas offers you and your customers the opportunity to design individual screens. After selecting the product you can select different settings such as material, size, border (colour or motif) etc. The screen can then be quickly and easily created by uploading your own images or using the integrated databases of Pattern Design.





                    Our recommendation


Our recommendation

With our award-winning ca¦watchAPP your customer can project the designed screen directly into their living space. Augmented Reality manages to bring your customers closer to selected products in a completely new, personalized form.


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