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smartEditor for PopUp Displays

With PopUps, you can turn white walls into a personal space in no time at all. PopUp display systems are easy to set up and yet very stable. They are ideal for trade fair stands or other events where a large advertising space is to be used. Provided with your own logo and a suitable advertising message, you are guaranteed not to overlooked any more.









Functions smartEditor


Functions smartEditor for PopUp Displays

The smartEditor PopUp offers you, in addition to the standard functions offered by every smartEditor, the options to configure size and print medium. Text, images and logos can then be inserted, rotated and resized as required. After the customer has placed an order, you will receive printable data for your production.





                     Our recommendation


Our recommendation

Offer your customers not only the possibility to design pop-ups completely. In addition, you can offer templates that your customers can customize by uploading their logo or advertising slogan.


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Reference for PopUp Displays

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