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individual interior design

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The desire for individuality is growing steadily and should be fulfilled in all areas of life wherever possible. This trend is also not stopping at the design of our living spaces. On the contrary, the apartment will become even more important as a place of recreation and retreat in the future. It is therefore becoming increasingly necessary to respond to individual housing needs.

We want to support you. With the Web2Print solutions of the Color Alliance, each of your customers has the possibility to be an interior designer!


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Individual interior design

design. examine. order.

Furniture Foil EditorOur ca ¦ smartEDITOR is already successfully used for the distribution of individualized products. The editor also supports communication in the field of interior design. Your customers can design products such as lampshades, cushions, wallpapers or carpets quickly and easily themselves - without being a graphic or product specialist. The product can then be projected directly into the living room using a 3D preview and the ca ¦ watchAPP .Your customer has a visual idea of the finished product even before the purchase.











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In addition to assisting your customers with the design and ordering of individual furnishings, we offer you the complete commercial processing of your orders, including invoicing and the organization of payment procedures. Because of this you can respond flexibly to the different requirements of your customers and need only one portal for your order management.
We look forward to your requirements so we can help you to become a little bit better every day.



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