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smartEditor for acoustic imagesAcoustic images are primarily used to improve room acoustics and sound insulation.
When it comes to feeling comfortable in a room, many factors play a role. The size of the room, the furnishings or the light. However, the room acoustics is often underestimated. If the room acoustics are bad, the people in the room are stressed. In the office, employees become less productive. Communication is also severely restricted - both with each other and on the phone.
Acoustic images can be created individually, with your own pictures or with images from different databases. Acoustic images are therefore not only eye-catchers. No matter whether individual, upright or crosswise: Acoustic images can be arranged and combined in many ways. They can be individually designed, printed and placed wherever their use is advantageous. There are no limits to the design of acoustic images.









Functions smartEditor


Functions smartEditor for acoustic images

With the smartEditor Acoustic Images, your customers can quickly and easily create an individual design for acoustic images. After selecting the product and configuring the size and material, you can upload your own images and add text to them. Your customers can also choose from a large number of image databases and thus design their acoustic images.





                       Our recommendation


Our recommendation

With photos and samples from our partners integrated databases, you can offer your customers the perfect complement to their own motifs. All elements can be combined with each other.


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